Here is a video that lists some of the new features of Field Artist:

Field Artist has a built in feature that lets you create videos of your shows, including music, that are suitable for YouTube. The animation features in Field Artist make it particularly suitable for making impressive videos that can vividly demonstrate your show ideas. You can also add animated camera view changes to add more drama and interest. Here are some examples of videos that were made within Field Artist using the video capture feature:

You can also use third party software to capture your video or to add titles and other effects. Here are just a few samples of videos that users have made:

To see more videos that were made in Field Artist, click here for the the FieldArtistSoftware YouTube channel. Please subscribe!

To see even more videos, click here for the website of drill designer Arjuna Myles, which features many videos of Field Artist in action

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(Arjuna Myles has used movie software to add effects and titles to his videos)