Field Artist 
Price: 160.00

Please read all the information below before you buy.  To pay for Field Artist, click the PayPal button above.  You can pay using your credit card via the PayPal secure web site, even if you don't have a PayP
al account.


Click here to try Field Artist on your computer before you purchase it

Before you buy, please follow the link above to install and test a free trial copy.  You have to do this even if you are buying the software as a gift.  This is the only way to insure that the software will run on your computer.  Because of the nature of the product, refunds are not available, so it is important to verify that the software runs on your computer, before you buy it.  You will need a free account on Field Artist Central to use the software. 

Click here to create a free account.

To use Field Artist, your computer must be able to be connected to the internet at least part of the time for periodic validation of the software. 
There are no CDs or other media distributed with the product.  The trial version you install is the actual software, and all features are enabled once an entry is made in the user database.  To validate your software, you will periodically have to login with your Field Artist Central account username and password.  You only have to do this every few days, not every time you use the software. 

You can create an account on Field Artist Central for free.  You should create a username and password before you send your payment.  When you send your payment, please include a note with your exact account username so I can upgrade your user status and enable all your features. Click here to create a free account.

You can always install the latest 3.x Field Artist updates and fixes for free. We will continue to improve version 3.x for many years and all of those fixes and improvements are free to users who bought version 3.x of the software. Any upgrades to version 4.x will be discounted for 3.x users. A version 4.x release, while not planned, would be years away.

Your account entry in the Field Artist database keeps your user status active. If you are one individual using the software on your work computer and your home computer, or your desktop and your laptop, that is no problem. But please do not share your username and password with others - an account is for one person only. If you share your username and password, this activity can be detected and your account can be revoked. If you forget your account name or password, just send us an email or use the link on the login page to have your password reset automatically.

PayPal is the the safest and easiest way to pay online.  You don't have to have a PayPal account -- all you need is a credit card.  I will never see your credit card number - it is only seen by the Paypal web site which is absolutely secure.

When your payment arrives, I will email you as soon as I have updated your user account information to enable all your software features. This is currently a manual process, so please allow a few hours for it to be completed.