Field Artist 

Some things are easier to understand by seeing them instead of reading about them. So although Field Artist has a built-in help file, this video tutorial page will feature a growing list of short how-to topics that visually demonstrate how to use Field Artist.  Just click on one of the links to view a video help topic.  If you don't see what you are looking for, check back later, because it will probably be added soon.


Lesson 1 - A Simple Transition 
Lesson 2 - Shapes Basics 
Lesson 3 - Viewing, Zooming, Panning, 3D 
Lesson 4 - Selecting And Moving Cast 
Lesson 5 - Follow The Leader 
Lesson 6 - Cast Appearance Part 1 
Lesson 7 - Pivot Transitions Part 1 
Lesson 8 - Field Layout Options Part 1 
Click here to go to the Field Artist Help video playlist on YouTube. These are the latest, most up to date videos that cover all the newest features.

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Field Artist Help Playlist
Lesson 9 - Creating Transitions, Part 1 
Lesson 10 - Step Instructions 
Lesson 11 - Music Basics 
Lesson 12 - Marking Time 

Lesson 13 - Blocks 

Lesson 14 - True View and Free Forms 

Lesson 15 - Free Forms