Calder 4D

Calder 4D is a simple, easy to use 3D modeling program that uses Microsoft WPF technology.   Calder enables you create animated 3D XAML content for use in Windows programs.  You can construct, view and edit your models in Calder and then save the XAML code that produces the model.

Calder uses built in 3D geometric forms that can be modifed in various simple ways to produce an infinite variety of shapes.  These can be edited and viewed as wireframes or as solids with flat or smooth shading, specularity, transparency, text brushes, and more.  Calder also lets you map image textures onto your models in many different ways. 

Click the link at left to install the full version of Calder on your computer.  For a low price, you can purchase an account that will enable your software to save models and XAML code.

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