SilverDrill is our free online drill design game on FieldArtistCentral

Field Artist is the best drill design software available anywhere, offered at a reasonable price.  It works well for drum and bugle corps, marching bands, color guard, indoor percussion, drill teams, and parades.  It runs on all Windows operating systems XP or later, including Windows 10.

Version 3.11 is the best and most powerful edition yet. Many exciting changes have been made to the program in the past few months. As always, these and any other updates and improvements are available for free to users who who purchased version 3.x of Field Artist.

We introduced this product as a reasonably priced, solid drill design program for students and teachers. Now Field Artist is used by drill designers, music students and music educators around the world. We were the very first to introduce lifelike 3D animation with our "TrueView" feature in 2009, and we are still driving innovation today. We continue to provide the very best value for students and teachers on a budget, fulfilling our mission of making professional, powerful, world-class drill design tools available to all at a reasonable price. You don't have to pay more for drill software than you would pay for a computer. Field Artist 3 has all the power you need to unleash your creative potential and compete on a world class level.

With Field Artist you can define your cast, forms, and transitions and animate your show to audio or MIDI music.  The available transitions include float, pivot, follow the leader, and more. 

You can print show charts, cast sheets, and detailed step instructions for every cast member.  You can choose from among pre-defined field sizes for marching band, indoor color guard, percussion and more, or define your own custom field sizes. You can make videos of your show with music that are suitable for YouTube.

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The drill design underground is alive and kicking with Field Artist 3.11! 

Field Artist 3