Field Artist 

Please try Field Artist on your computer before you buy it

Field Artist runs on Windows operating systems XP or later, including Windows 10. You may need to turn UAC (User Account Control) off or set it at the lowest setting. For more information, click this link for the Field Artist Requirements page.

To use the software, you need an account on FieldArtistCentral.   An account is free and takes a few seconds to set up.  Click on this link to set up a trial account.  Make sure you record your user name and password. If you purchase the software, I will then convert your account to full status level so you can use all the features.

When installing, you may get one or more security warnings. These warnings do not mean the software isn't safe, they just mean the software is not embedded with a digital certificate from VeriSign (for a hefty fee) to verify its source. All Field Artist assemblies are hosted on a secure server and are guaranteed to be virus-free.

Please be aware that the install takes a few minutes because this is the install for the full product, including all the images, 3D props, and demo shows. So please allow adequate time for the install to download.


To install or update Field Artist, follow these steps:

Click Here To Install Or Update Field Artist

1) Click the link above to begin installing the software.

2) If asked to Save or Run the file, choose "Run".

3) You will get one or more security warnings (see explanation above). Click through to proceed.

5) Follow the instructions on the screen to run the setup wizard.

6) To run Field Artist, click on the Windows "Start" button and choose "Field Artist 3" from the "All Programs" menu, or click the Field Artist icon on your desktop.

7) If the program doesn't run on your computer, it probably means you don't have the necessary .NET runtime from Microsoft installed.  So in that case, visit the  Field Artist Requirements page. for more information.

8) When you start the software, it will prompt you for a username and password.  Just enter the username and password you created for your FieldArtistCentral account. If you haven't already created one, click this link to set up a free account.

9) Vista and Windows 7: If you see a dialog that says "This program may not have been installed correctly", just click the link that says "This program installed correctly".

10) If running on Windows 7 or Vista, you may need to turn UAC ( User Account Control ) off or set it at the lowest setting.