Field Artist 

There are a few basic prerequisites for running Field Artist on your computer:

1) Field Artist runs on Windows operating systems XP or later, including Windows 10.  You may have to turn off UAC (user account control) to use Field Artist, or turn UAC to the lowest setting. You also need to have Windows Media Player (free) installed to use the audio features.

2) Field Artist requires that your computer be connected to the internet at least part of the time (so that you can validate periodically).

3) You should visit the Microsoft updates page and make sure you have the latest free software updates for your computer.  This should include any service packs, recommended updates, or patches to bring your computer up to date. In particular you need the latest version of the .NET runtime installed.  Click here to visit the Microsoft Updates page:

Microsoft Updates   

4) To use the software, you need an account on FieldArtistCentral. An account is free and takes a few seconds to set up.  Click this link to set up a trial account.  If you purchase the software, I will convert your account to full status so you can use all the features.

If you are not sure whether your computer meets the requirements, you can find out by installing the software using the link below.  It won't do any harm.  If it works fine, then your system meets the requirements.  If it doesn't work properly, you can use the Microsoft Updates link above to bring your system up to date, and then try the software again.  Keeping your computer updated with Microsoft updates also helps prevent viruses.

To install or update Field Artist, follow these steps:

Click Here And Follow The Steps To Install Or Update Field Artist