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Welcome to Field Artist Central, our web community for sharing ideas in drill design.

You can create shows for free in your browser using SilverDrill, our drill design game applet.  Silverdrill is written in Microsoft Silverlight, which is free and installs in seconds. Silverlight is only supported in Internet Explorer.

Click on any of the show titles below to see what other members have contributed. Membership is free, so please feel free to create some shows of your own. It's fun and easy.

You can now embed YouTube videos in your show pages so that your shows can be set to music.

This web site and SilverDrill game are always in development, so have fun playing with the game and making shows online, and message us with any problems that you notice.  The drill design game and the web site will continue to improve all the time.  You can go to the HELP section to view a video which explains how to make shows.
If you need a professional drill design program,  click here for Field Artist 
SilverDrill is a simple game that runs in your browser, for creating shows quickly online and sharing them with other members.  Just click on the titles below to see a show.  There may be a momentary delay loading the game to see the first show.  You need Silverlight installed to use SilverDrill.    It's free. 
You can click here for more information about Silverlight.
Our professional drill program is called Field Artist.  With the 3.x version of Field Artist, you can publish shows on this website that animate in 3D in an online player.  It's free to publish these shows, even with the trial version of Field Artist.  If you see a "Yes" in the FA column for any show, that means it is a Field Artist show.  You can view it in your browser as long as you have the latest updates from

Top Shows -- click title to view

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human anatomy2bob johnson 
HOcuS FOcuSgary 
Carry On My Wayward Son (OSMB) WITH MUSIC!Petitemuffin 
Sinking FriendshipsArianna_alvarez 
Triumph journey Arianna_alvarez 
Block Partygary 
Levitating The Pentagongary 
BD reall SPARTACUS from phantom regimentjoserfunes 
Spinning galaxies.nejihyuga665 
The Prayer Circle Baritone 
A Parallel 
Interrupted JourneyEdsel 
A Few New Flag Stylesgary 
Part of Your World Reprise ( marching show )liltsoulja