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Monsters Of Madness is a free PC game that runs on Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 operating systems. 

If you have trouble running the installed software, try this link to install updates for your computer:  Microsoft Updates     

If you are not sure whether your computer meets the requirements, you can find out by installing the free game using the link below.  It won't do any harm.  If it works fine, then your system meets the requirements.  If it doesn't work properly, you can use the Microsoft Updates link above to bring your system up to date, and then try the game again.

Click here to install or update Monsters Of Madness

Click the above link to download a free copy of Monsters Of Madness, then follow these steps:

1) When the File Download message appears, choose the button that says "Run".
2) If you get a security warning, again click "Run".

3) Follow the instructions on the screen to run the setup wizard.
4) To run Monsters Of Madness, click on the Windows "Start" button and choose "Monsters Of Madness" from the "All Programs" menu. To exit, press Esc.