Calder 4D

Some of Calder's features:

  • Calder 4D has an intuitive 3D interface to directly draw, position and edit your shapes using a positionable grid.
  • Shapes include cube, sphere, torus, spiral, polygon, Hermite Curve, Bezier curve, cylinders and more.
  • All shapes are automatically triangulated by Calder to produce triangle meshes that can be displayed in WPF models.
  • U-V Texture mapping of images is done automatically according to properties that the user can control.
  • All shapes can be modified in an infinite number of ways by applying custom cross sections, taper, twist, variable resolution, and other properties.
  • You can apply text brushes to your shapes.
  • The WPF view features a sky box to allow you to apply scenic backgrounds to your models.
  • Shapes can be grouped together and combined into custom surfaces joined by Hermite curves which produce smooth flowing forms.
  • You can animate shapes in your models and also include animated camera motions.
  • Calder 4D will automatically produce XAML of your model including all animations and camera movements.  You can use the XAML to incorporate your 3D animated models into any WPF programs you want to write.